Small Factoid-Nuclear Conditioning

     Did you know that in the very early days of the atomic age that the United States Army, unaware of the real effects of lingering radioactivity at test sites used to purposely hold their desert warfare training near areas that had been used for above ground testing for atomic weapons? The idea was that just as the human body's immune system can be strengthened by small exposures to certain diseases and poisons, that the human body could be conditioned to handle the radiation on the future battlefields by being exposed to it in increments during peacetime training.

    In the U.S. Navy the idea was somewhat the same. During the famous series of late 1940's tests at the pacific atolls, the observing ships pulled water straight from the ocean for bathing and showering, exposing men to radioactive contamination. Many of these men would develop odd illnesses some 10 to 20 years later that we now know is due to radiation exposure from fallout.

And if you ever wanted to see a visual layout of every nuke ever exploded(by whom and where) check out this video I found on the internet. It gets almost musical at its high point in the late 50's and early 60's before the above ground test ban treaty.


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