Love is a royal pain in the butt...the story of Stepan Glebov

     There once was a woman named Eudoxia Lopukhina who loved a man named Stepan Glebov. Why am I writing about this? on.

     You see Eudoxia had a bit of baggage from her past when she met Stepan in 1709. Eudoxia was at one time the wife of Peter the Great, the Czar of the Russian Empire. Now Peter was a peculiar man prone to being just as brutal as he was odd. Peter was not a fan of his first wife. She was very conservative in her moral outlook which did not sit well with the more hedonistic Czar. After nine years of marriage to Eudoxia, Peter was able to bully the church into granting him a divorce in 1698. Of course, as was the fashion with dumped queens of that time, Peter made sure to lock his former wife away somewhere that the former empress would not cause him any trouble. Eudoxia "joined" the convent of the intercession in the village of Suzdal. While Peter assumed the former queen would be regulated to the life of a nun, that was not the case. The head of convent realized the former empress did not reside there voluntarily and let her have the life of a lay woman. This is where Stepan came into the picture.

    One of the guards assigned to the convent in 1709 took a liking to the former royal, and this man was Stepan. Captain Stepan Glebov attempted to and successfully wooed Eudoxia. They entered into a nine year affair. Both of them as well as the head of the convent made sure to keep knowledge of the relationship from reaching the outside world...that is until the paranoid Peter started snooping around.  Peter's son Alexis had rebelled against his father and anyone associated with Alexis, including his mother Eudoxia, was put on trial as possible conspirators. Many were tortured and killed in brutal ways, Alexis included. Eudoxia was put on trial for adultery and during the investigation her post marital affair came to Peter's attention. Peter, furious at hearing of it, took out his rage on Captain Glebov. He was impaled through the rectum on a stake and then quartered (cut into pieces).



Peter the Great(right) interrogates his rebellious son Alexis(left) in this 19th century painting. It was the inquiry into Alexis that exposed the nine year relationship Eudoxia had with her guard Stepan

This was the punishment Stepan had for sleeping with the former wife and empress of Peter the Great a decade after their divorce. He was quartered after he was impaled.


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