I take my hat off to you...or yours.

     H.G. Wells is probably...no scratch that...IS one of the pillars in the history of science fiction. Like his Gallic counterpart Jules Verne, he was a true visionary. Many of the things he wrote or spoke of were purely in the realm of science fiction at the time, but have since become closer to science fact. However, this post is not about the any of his work...no this is a somewhat funny story about the man and his personality outside the pages of his stories.

    You see mister Wells could be a bit of rapscallion at times. His wit and ego combined to occasionally cause a bit of mischief. One evening while attending a gathering with many guests in Cambridge, Wells accidentally left the party with the wrong hat. When he returned home, Wells discovered the hat was not his and the owner's name was sewn to the inside. At this time hat making was tedious and somewhat dangerous due to the chemicals used. Therefore, hats were expensive. Wells noticed the hat fit him better than most of his and its style really appealed to the writer. He decided to keep the hat instead of return it. Not being one to just let the previous owner wonder what happened to his cranial adornment, Wells tracked down the owner's address and composed a letter explaining his intentions to keep the hat. The note read "I stole your hat; I like your hat; I shall keep your hat. Whenever I look inside it I shall think of you and your excellent sherry and of the town of Cambridge. I take off your hat to you."
H.G. Wells...the hat thief of Cambridge


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