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Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

Paul von Lettow Vorbeck is one of the most interesting and least known characters in 20th century German history. He was born the year Prussia went to war with France in 1870. Von Lettow Vorbeck was very much a son of the Imperial  and newly united Germany which formed at the conclusion of that conflict. His origin was of lower noble birth, and like many Germans of this station, it gave him a straight line into the officer corps of the military. He had a storied career and was considered a hero at home  In his early years he put down the Boxer Rebellion in China and was given assignments in Germany's prosperous African colonies, ending up in German East Africa in the spring of 1914. He was effectively second in command of the entire colony, behind only the colonial governor himself. Well by late summer the First World War broke out, and the governor of German East Africa was concerned. His colony was surrounded by colonies of his enemies and thoughts were that if wa