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Death Proof- The Case of Iron Mike Malloy

 In the late 19th and early 20th centuries getting away with murder was not a difficult thing in the United States of America. That was only beginning to change in the 1920's as police utilized forensic science to help solve murders that previously went undetected. During this same time one of the primary reasons for murder was insurance money. Crooked insurance salesmen and unscrupulous characters often worked in conjunction to place life insurance policies on relative strangers and murder them. This is a strange tale of one such plot.  Michael Malloy was an Irish immigrant living in New York that had fallen on hard times. He was at one time a firefighter, but now was a homeless alcoholic. He was a frequent visitor to a local speakeasy in the area. While prohibition had made owners of such illegal establishments rich since its implementation in 1920; there was a push to end the law with the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. Seeing their livelihood in danger; the owners