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A Dead President and a Naked Prime Minister- When Winston Met Abe

Yes...I have returned after a long period of inactivity. We all love a ghost story. They are part of our cultural history. Whether we believe they are true or false, they are good old fashioned fun. Here is one of several that originate from the White House, the seat of executive power in the United States. Shortly before Christmas 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrived at the White House to discuss how to proceed with the war against the Axis Powers. Of course on December 7th , the United States had been plunged head long into war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Churchill would spend nearly a month at the White House and stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom. Churchill loved his baths. He would do much of his thinking and relaxing in a hot tub with a cigar and some brandy. One evening, after taking a long bath, he emerged naked into the bedroom proper to find he had company. There was a tall man in a dark Victorian suit leaning at against the fireplace mantle l