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The Last Man

The First World War chewed up the flower of an entire generation of Europeans. But have you ever wondered about the last men to lose their lives in the Great War, or any war for that matter? Well today my friend you get to satiate that thirst for knowledge to a degree. But first lets get the now some backstory. In the spring of 1918 the German Empire threw all that it had left into one giant gamble to win the war. Having knocked the Russians out of the war and stabilized the Austro-Hungarians in their fight against Italy, the Germans diverted all their forces to the west against the British and the French. For the first time since 1914, the Germans had the advantage in material and manpower against the Allies on the front. However, the Americans were now starting to arrive in good numbers, so this was temporary and dictated swift action. The German command unleashed a series of brutal attacks known as the Kaiserschlacht (Kaisers Battle) that finally broke the stalemate th