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The Communist Chocolate Bar Plot

      In 1947, life in Canada was changing. Much like in the USA, the economy was transitioning away from the wartime model and back to nor mal. In many ways this was a truly positive thing. As the war contracts ran out, many manufacturers started producing goods for the civilian marke t again in large numbers. Automobile makers had t heir first new mo dels in years, rationing of goods li ke sug ar, gasoline, rubber tires, and nylon were phased out. Life looked on the sur face to be getting back to the nor malcy people knew before t he Germans marched into Poland in 1939. However for quite a few, the transition was hurting them in the one place people hate the most, in their pocketbook.        Du ring the wartime years it was well understood by many governments that suppl ying the troops as well as the homefront with goods would cause shortages. Simple supply and demand economics dictates a sharp rise in prices when there are short ages. Governments were eager to keep the populac