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Going Postal- The Birth and Death of the American Letter Mail Company

     In the modern world we are very used to ordering something online and having someone from FedEx, UPS, DHL, or the United States Postal Service delivering it to our door. The competition between carriers has largely benefited the consumer, as it helps to keep prices moderately low. However, there was a time in the history of the United States when there was only one delivery service, and the United States Post Office was terribly expensive. One man decided he could do it better and cheaper. His name was Lysander Spooner. Lysander Spooner in his later, and more radical years. He turned to individual anarchism following the Civil War.      Today if we want to mail a letter via the post office, we buy a forever stamp for one ounce of mail. However from the dawn of the post office until the 1840's, there was no real standardized rate. You were charged based on the size of the letter, where it was sent from, as well as its destination. If it had to go on a boat, extra fee