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Yang Kyoungjong - The Most Captured Man of WW2

     It is rare that a man can say that he fought for three different sides in a war. However Yang Kyoungjong could. And what makes his story particularly amazing is that never once did he volunteer, instead he was conscripted every single time. Here is his story     His adventure began in 1938. Now most basic history books show World War Two started in 1939, and while this is certainly the case for Europe, the war in Asia goes all the way back to 1931 with the initial Japanese invasion of Chinese Manchuria. In 1938, eighteen year old Yang, a Korean national was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army. At the time Korea was a Japanese colony and Koreans were often drafted into service, especially for support roles. A year later Yang found himself stationed with the Japanese Kwantung Army along the Mongolian border with  Manchukuo (Japanese name for occupied Manchuria). At the time Mongolia was a communist state allied closely with the Soviet Union.That is a nice way of saying that Mo